“My change is in all aspects: better communication with my children, be a better mom... It is truly possible to make changes.”

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Success Stories

This could be you! Newcomers can face many challenges, but with the right support and guidance at the right time, they can overcome them and succeed in building their life in Canada. 

Shay's journey to working in Social Services

Shay was a newcomer to BC with some experience in both hospital and community services he had gained in Alberta. Upon arriving in BC, Shay connected with a case manager, Khalid, at the Northeast Employment Services Centre. Khalid recognized that Shay had very strong interpersonal skills, paid great attention to detail and was able to understand peoples’ needs. 
Khalid helped Shay complete a  formal needs assessment and  Career Cruising Assessment. Both indicated that the career path for Shay was social services.
To gain employment in the social service sector, Shay had to expand his network and improve his job searching skills. He acquired certificates in First Aid, attended job search workshops and used the Resource Centre to access the internet and find up-to-date labour market information. He also practiced the skills he learned in the workshops. 
Shay also worked with a Recruitment Specialist at the Centre for Job Development Services. With the help of the Recruitment Specialist, he was able to increase his network and target specific employers.
Due to Shay’s motivation, dedication and positive attitude, he was offered a clerical support staff position at a hospital in Vancouver in late February.
Shay appreciates the services and support he received. “A great big thank you to the NE MOSAIC Team for helping me start my new life in Vancouver. I have a good job now! You Rock!"
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How Lourdes became a Registered Nurse in two short years!

Lourdes, at age 28, came to Canada on her own in March 2013 with four years’ experience as a Registered Nurse from the Philippines. She was very eager to go back to work in her profession, however, she had no concrete information about the Nursing Career path.

For her, the important thing was to be gainfully employed and to get on track to become a nurse in Canada. With that drive, Lourdes networked with the Filipino community and anyone who can give her information on how to become a Registered Nurse.
Then she heard about the services at MOSAIC and enquired about the Skills Connect for Immigrants Program. She attended an information session and was subsequently assigned to an Employment Counsellor. At their first meeting, they discussed various career paths, educational courses, licensures, labor market trends and job search workshops which were something new to her. It was different in her home country where she would have to gain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing to become a Registered Nurse. She was now absolutely clear as to the requirements necessary to find work in Canada.
During the course of the Skills Connect Program, Lourdes participated in a number of workshops including Résumé and Cover Letter Writing, BC Employment Standards, Interview Preparation, Orientation to Canadian Workplace Culture and other workshops necessary to gain career awareness and employment. She also completed all the necessary steps toward her licensure, which included the English Examination, Substantially Equivalent Competency Assessment (SEC) Examination, CLPNBC, CRNBC, Nursing in Canada Online Course at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and for further skills and knowledge enhancement, she participated in Basic Life Support, Automated External Defibrillator, Food Safety 1 and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Trainings.
At one point, she thought it would take her many years to complete her Nursing program but in two short years, she has fulfilled her dream. She’s working as a Registered Nurse at Broadway Pentecostal Lodge.
According to Lourdes, she is forever grateful for the support and guidance the Skills Connect for Immigrants Program and gave her throughout this process. She added that she would have not been where she is now without the great efforts of the MOSAIC Staff.
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Determined doctor from Kenya will be practising medicine in B.C.

Dr. Lalji Halai immigrated to Canada from Kenya as an IMG (International Medical Graduate) in July 2012 and just three years later, he's preparing to start work as a physician in Metro Vancouver.

It is not easy for many IMGs to qualify to work as doctors in Canada, let alone accomplish this three years after arrival, so Lalji's story is truly remarkable and demonstrates the kind of determination and support IMGs need to meet their goals in Canada.

In fact, Lalji started preparing for his licensing exams before coming here.   By the time he enrolled in MOSAIC's Skills Connect for Immigrants Program, he had already successfully passed the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Exam (MCCEE). He had also started the online masters degree program in Clinical Management of Pain.

In MOSAIC’s Skills Connect, Lalji and his employment counsellor set short, medium and long-term goals to achieve during his participation in the program. He attended a Health Match BC seminar and various job search skill workshops at MOSAIC including résumé and cover letter writing, doing cold calling, practicing interview skills, and preparing a LinkedIn profile.

MOSAIC’s employment counsellor also connected Lalji with a former successful IMG client who helped him by providing practical tips and professional exposure to working medical professionals.
Early on, Lalji decided it would be good to work with other IMGs who were preparing for exams and so he formed a peer study group for IMGs. The IMG study group started meeting weekly at Vancouver Public Library's Central branch in September 2013, and continues to this day.

All this time, Lalji was working full-time as a team lead at Target in order to meet his financial needs. He says he lost almost 10 kilos while preparing and successfully passing in just 11 months all four of the exams required for medical licensure.
Lalji was accepted into the Clinical Assessment Practical Program (CAPP) at UBC and the Clinical Trainee Program. After the completion of CAPP in October 2014, Lalji got a part-time job as a Research Team Coordinator at the Arthritis Research Centre. While preparing his application for a Residency, he and his employment counsellor worked on revising his resume and making his personal statement more targeted to a family physician position. In addition, they prepared for the Family Physician Residency interview in a mock interview session. Lalji was invited to the Family Physician Residency interview in Ontario as well as at UBC in January 2015. He was offered his first choice of Vancouver Fraser and will start his new career as a family physician in Canada as of July 1, 2015.
Lalji says that although his perseverance and hard work paid off, he credits his success to his wife for her emotional and financial support throughout his journey and his employment counsellor for the focused action plan, career direction, support and encouragement.
Lalji also wants to pass on all he’s learned to other IMGs who are pursuing careers as General Practitioners and will be attending, along with other successful IMG clients,  the IMG Open Discussion Forum on May 25 the at MOSAIC .
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Pharmacist with international experience succeeds in Canada

Mohamed was a Pharmacist from Egypt with eleven years of experience in Kuwait, Oman and Egypt.
Mohamed moved to Canada in July 2008 and expressed his desire to live in a safe country and to raise his family. The most important thing on his mind was to be gainfully employed and was determined to give his family a better life, while at the same time pursuing his dream to continue in the field of Pharmaceuticals or its equivalent.

While communicating with friends and members of the Egyptians community, he heard about the services at MOSAIC and inquired about the Skills Connect for Immigrants Program.

His next step was to attend an information session and, was, subsequently assigned to an Employment Counselor.

At his first meeting with his counselor; they discussed many things about courses, licensure and labour market trends which was something new to him as in his home country the system is quite different. In his previous experience, individuals would get their education in a particular profession and then find work, there was nothing like transferable skills, strengths or even a resume. This was unusual to him and after this discussion it became absolutely clear as to the requirements necessary to find work in Canada.
During the course of the program, Mohamed participated in a number of workshops including Résumé and Cover Letter Writing, BC Employment Standards, Interview Preparation, and Orientation to Canadian Workplace Culture. He also completed the Qualifying Exam 1, OSCE, Jurisprudence Exam, and an Injection Program at the College of Pharmacy of BC.
Mohamad attended networking, volunteering and mentorship events and met with new people in a similar situation to his and began to understand the importance of what it takes to find work in his recently adopted home. His employment counselor continued to work with him giving him several job leads including his last contact where he found work through a workshop event at MOSAIC.
He is extremely excited to fulfill his dream working with a reputable company at Safeway at Fort St John, B.C. Mohamad also thanked the Skills Connect for Immigrants Program for their support and guidance throughout this process.

MOSAIC's Job Options helped Fiona Chu find a job

My name is Fiona Chu.  I came to Canada in September 2012.

New immigrants have to deal with many challenges and I am no exception. When I was in my own country, I looked up job ads in the newspaper and on the Internet and sent out my resumes through emails. This had been the way I had looked for work for many years and it worked very well for me. I thought this would work in Canada, too, so in the first two weeks, I looked up job ads, sent out résumés, called some employers and left messages, but there were no response.

Then I found out from my friends and relatives that it is not easy to find a job in Canada.  The best jobs can only be found through networking. It is easier to find a job if you are referred by a friend.  Two months passed and I had no clue on how to get a job. I began to worry and was unable to sleep. Then one day when I was in the library, there was a workshop about job searching. I attended and I learned that in order to get a job, there are other things that I had to do than just looking at job ads at home and sending out résumés.
At the workshop in the library, the host introduced me to the Job Options program and he said this program could help me find a job. I decided to apply to join this program and after the interview I was very fortunate to be accepted into the program. 

The Job Options program taught me how to write a proper resume. I realized that my previous resumes were not in an appropriate format to present my experience and skills. Very importantly during the program, I reviewed my personal character and interests and this gave me some direction on the type of work that I should focus on. The facilitator of the program, Dinah helped me in many ways. She taught me very valuable interview skills. She also introduced to me information about the local job market, labour laws and employee rights. This program has helped me tremendously. 

Before the program was finished, I got two job offers from two supermarkets to work as a cashier.  I was very happy.  I decided to accept one of the offers and I have worked there since then – for nine months. I can now support myself in Canada and I enjoy my life here very much.  I am not worried about how to find a job anymore because the Job Options program has taught me all the skills I needed to find a job. I am confident that everything I have learned in the program will be useful for all my life.

You can find out more about Job Options here.

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We would like to tell your story to help other newcomers looking for support! If you have received support from MOSAIC and it has impacted your life, please contact Dimpel Sandhu at dsandhu@mosaicbc.com to share your story. You can make a difference by sharing your story!