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Volunteer Opportunities for Newcomers

Finding a volunteer position in your community

Volunteers are found in every sector of Canadian life. Chances are you have interacted with a volunteer without ever realizing it. Many Canadians volunteer in a formal manner for non-profit organizations, or informally within schools, faith groups or sports leagues. Hospitals, arts groups, fundraising efforts, even the airport use volunteers.

 People volunteer for many reasons:

  •  to meet people
  •  to gain work experience
  •  to give back to their community or a particular cause

If you are new to Canada, volunteering may be a great way to meet people, practise English and gain Canadian work experience. There are many volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering, think about what you are really looking for. Ask yourself: 

  • What part of the Lower Mainland can you reach easily?
  • What skills can you offer?
  • Who would you like to work with (children, seniors, youth, etc.)?
  • What experience would you like to gain?
  • How much time can you give?

Once you know what volunteer experience would suit you, you can search for opportunities on several websites. A popular site is:  www.govolunteer.ca. It lists hundreds of volunteer opportunities across Greater Vancouver. You can search by areas of interest, location, type of activity, type of organization, and more.

Each listing has information about volunteer activities, the skills required and contact information. Generally, organizations will ask you to complete an application form, come in for an interview and attend some training.

Good Luck!