"MOSAIC not only gave me a chance to gain professional knowledge, you also gave me hope and confidence."

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Chef Boban Kovachevich

Corporate Chef, Executive Hotels and Resorts, Metro Vancouver properties

Chef Boban Kovachevich started his culinary training at the age of seventeen and worked as a cook throughout his Culinary Arts schooling. After graduation he pursued his hunger for knowledge while working in a well-known tourist area by the Adriatic Sea, where he specialized in Mediterranean and Italian cuisines.

Chef Boban’s desire to expand his culinary repertoire and gain real life skills led to Netherlands – providing him with the opportunity to become proficient in French, Moroccan, and Scandinavian cuisines – and then continued in Tel-Aviv, Israel, where he was voted to be one of the 10 best chefs in the Middle East area.

In 1998 Chef Boban decided to call Canada home, bringing with him a unique collection of innovative culinary expertise.

“Moving to Canada proved to be a great career move because it allowed me to showcase my culinary training and travel experiences, as well all my hospitality industry talents,” said Chef Boban. “Here I found my place in the world.”

Chef Boban said the most difficult challenge he empathizes with is the language barrier for new Canadians.

“I was always an outsider when I travelled for work so I understand what it’s like encountering new languages, and the struggle to catch on quickly.”

Chef Boban consults with his teams when creating new dishes for the five restaurants under his care. The dishes range from Canadian bistro, Italian, French, Indian, and fusions.


Prawn Avocado Potato Mille-Feuille

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