“When I came to Canada, I didn’t know any English. Now I have a job and I’m able to communicate with other people, thanks to MOSAIC.”

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Chef Chindi Varadarajulu

Chef/former owner of Vancouver’s Chutney Villa

Adversity is the mother of inspiration for Chef Chindi Varadarajulu.

The Singaporean native moved to Canada in 1995. Her strong desire to eat the food she grew up with led her to develop a passion for cooking.

Blessed with a bubbly personality, Chef Chindi became a crusader for South Indian cuisine in Vancouver as she paired the unique traits of North and South India to the culinary quirks of Southeast Asia.

“Cooking and entertaining is easy at home, but in a restaurant I had to learn to balance every dollar, use every part of the seafood, fish, and produce. I had to learn about cost and profit, and marketing a business. It was tough but I did it.”

A formidable presence in the kitchen with a natural ability to blend flavours, Chindi’s recipes are original and creative. Having gained fame for being a pioneer of innovative Indian cuisine in Vancouver, she is now making her name in South India.


Malaysian Fish Curry

Masala Prawns and Green Beans with Potatoes

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