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Chef Kamal Mroke

Chef Kamal Mroke grew up in the Vancouver food scene. The serial restaurateur has owned and operated dozens of eateries in Greater Vancouver and Seattle.

Well-dressed and gregarious he appears more boardroom than kitchen, but when he talks about food his volubility is contagious. In fact, he has such a deep relationship with food that his skills are honed to the point where he can recreate a dish just from taking a whiff of it.

Most important to Chef Mroke is having access to fresh food daily to reduce the vast waste that can happen in kitchens.

“My customers are very health conscious and prefer locally sourced sustainable ingredients…the spices may be from India but everything else from seafood to meats and vegetables are sourced locally to ensure freshness.”

Sourcing fresh local ingredients allows him to take diners on a culinary tour-on-a-plate of India. For Chef Mroke, consistency is key and he’s known for inspecting every dish before it leaves the line.


Indian Baked Salmon

Heart Healthy Golden Prawns

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