“At MOSAIC, I learned everything about how to look for a job in Canada.”

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What employers have to say about their cooperation with MOSAIC

"It's a truly humbling experience," said Joyce Chow, Fortinet's human resources manager, in a media release. "We feel so lucky that organizations like MOSAIC exist to connect us with qualified professionals who also have the added benefit of international experience and connections." - See more at: http://www.burnabynow.com/burnaby-s-mosaic-presents-employer-recognition-award-1.647841#sthash.GgivJAj0.dpuf

“We have been working with MOSAIC for many years and have found it to be a pleasant experience. The candidates we receive, we most often hire. The MOSAIC staff are helpful and approachable. We look forward to our continued working relationship.”

“We are always impressed with the résumés [we receive] from MOSAIC['s clients]. We have been very pleased with the MOSAIC clients that we have hired. Good service!”

“MOSAIC helps us fill our vacancies right away. The individuals that we have hired have worked out very well.”

“Excellent and helpful service. I am impressed with the prompt service in finding staff for our hotel”