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Canadian Language Benchmarks Placement Test Service

Are you uncertain if your client’s English language ability will keep them from being successful in a training program or occupation?

Canadian Language Benchmarks are a national, standardized system of measuring a person’s English language proficiency. The Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test (CLBPT) is a stream-lined, valid test that results in useful information for clients and for those working with them.

MOSAIC has been providing the Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test (CLBPT) service since March 2007. All MOSAIC CLB assessors have post-graduate work in adult ESL education, experience working with English language learners, and specific training in administering the CLBPT.

This test is a placement test and is NOT accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada as proof of language ability when applying for citizenship. For any information regarding Citizenship, please refer to the CIC website. On the same page, you can find information about acceptable documents. For further information regarding language requirements for citizenship, please contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) directly.

NOTICE: The CLB Assessment Service does not book clients for retesting within three months of their previous testing date.

Contact Info: 

MOSAIC CLB Assessment Service
Phone: 604 708 3905


Special group sessions can be arranged for a minimum of eight clients. Contact
Debra Dahlberg ddahlberg@mosaicbc.com for more information.

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