“When I came to Canada, I didn’t know any English. Now I have a job and I’m able to communicate with other people, thanks to MOSAIC.”

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North Shore English Language Centre

MOSAIC LINC classes in North Vancouver are provided in partnership with North Shore Multicultural Society.


At North Shore English Language Centre, you will learn English to help you:

  • Talk to Canadian friends and neighbours
  • Talk to teachers and doctors
  • Talk to people in stores and community places
  • Learn about Canada
  • Learn about Canada’s laws and systems
  • Learn English Grammar and Pronunciation
  • Use English in many everyday situations  

English Language Centre North Vancouver students

Client Story: 

“ESL helped me to be more comfortable in Canada. ESL helped me to have confidence again.” ~ ESL student

“Since I have been accepted in the MOSAIC ESL program I improved my English a lot and started to speak more freely. It helped me to pass the language barrier more quickly and to express what I think without any difficulties.” ~ESL student Stanislava

“ESL MOSAIC for me is important because I want everybody can understand me at work, and help the community, and help my children with their homework.” ~ESL student Deyanira
“MOSAIC-ESL class is very useful for me because it gives me a lot of information regarding Canada.” ~ESL student
“I wanted to say Mosaic is an English class. But I think it is not enough. I wanted to say Mosaic is a class that gives us a lot of information. But I think it is not enough. I wanted to say Mosaic is a mirror that shows me and teaches me what I need in Canada in English. But I think it is not enough. So I’ll say Mosaic is MOSAIC!” ~ESL student Saeid

Program Information
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MOSAIC believes in providing support to clients while receiving services. Please visit our dedicated client subsection that provides information on

  • Client Rights and Responsibilities,
  • Opportunity to tell your story,
  • Client satisfaction survey, and
  • Complaints procedures...by clicking here.