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LINC Program Overview

We offer a variety of LINC classes based on your existing knowledge of the English language. Enrolling in our LINC classes will help you with all your communication needs, but you will also learn about Canadian laws, health care, society, job market, and many things that are important for life in Canada. 

Refer to the following information to choose which program is right for you. 


Ideal if you have no knowledge of English and cannot read or write the English alphabet. You will learn to read and write words and numbers, give and understand greetings, as well as be to able to provide personal information. 


Ideal if you cannot speak English. Clients will, for example learn to ask for help, understand simple instructions, read bills and simple step-by-step instructions and write greetings cards, copy prices from the store and write simple schedules.

LINC 3 and 4

Ideal if you have a beginner's understanding of English. You will, for example learn how to give basic information about familiar subjects, such as family, weather or daily activities. You will be able to understand instructions including place and measurements as well as understand a store flyer and make a list of key points. You will also learn to copy information from lists or schedules and write short, simple sentences about my family or a familiar place.

LINC 5 and 6

Ideal if you have some knowledge of the English language. You will, for example learn how to participate in small group discussions where they express opinions and ask for clarification, as well as provide accurate and detailed information. You will also learn to pick out main ideas, key details and inferred meaning from written texts and conversations operating a decent pace. 

LINC 7 and 8 

Ideal if you can communicate in English with growing confidence. You will, for example, learn how to participate in meetings and group discussions where they give detailed information, qualify opinions and feelings, and express reservations. You will learn to identify main ideas, key details, purpose, mood, and implied meanings from moderately complex texts and conversations for formal and informal situations.

Registration and Contact Information

To register for one of our LINC Programs, please visit our How to Register page. If you have any questions regarding our programs, please contact us at linc@mosaicbc.com or visit one of the following centres:

Burnaby: at Brentwood
Burnaby: at North Burnaby Learning Centre
North Vancouver

Click on the Language Training in Canada video to learn more about the LINC programming in Canada.

Program Information
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