“MOSAIC Employment Programs built up my confidence. I learned the right way to find work.”

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Vancouver English Language Centres

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Our Vancouver English Language Centres are located at 301-2730 Commercial Dr. and 206-2555 Commercial Dr., Vancouver, B.C. They are both very close to major transit stops and SkyTrain stations, is wheelchair accessible, and feature a free childcare centre. Our programs are also designed to fit your personal schedule, so that they easily fit into your lifestyle!


Shift Date Time
Morning Class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Afternoon Class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Evening Class Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Registration Information

Visit our "How to Register" page to obtain the necessary information required to register for one of our LINC programs. If you need more information on which LINC program suits you, please review our LINC Overview Page.

Contact Info

If you have any questions or comments regarding our program, please visit or call us at:

304-2730 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver, B.C. V5N 5P4 
Phone: 604 684 8825 
Fax: 604 684 8859

206-2555 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver, B.C. V5N 4C1
Phone: 604 708 3905

We offer FREE Childcare for children of LINC students aged 10 months to 5 years.

Client Story: 

Jana & Tim picture“The ESL Program has improved our English skills. There are students from different cultures so we learn about other cultures as well as Canadian culture. The teachers are friendly and helpful. We are happy to study here.” ~Jana, Level 5 ESL
“MOSAIC is not only a teacher but also a friend.” ~Tim, Level 5 ESL 

Judy & May picture“We are very thankful to study at MOSAIC. Teachers here are very responsible and skillful. We make good progress and learn a lot of information that benefits our living here.” ~Level 5 ESL students Judy and May


Masoud picture“I think MOSAIC is like a big family with the knowledgeable teachers and friendly students. There are many useful programs that newcomers can use.” ~Level 4 ESL student Masoud"


I would like to thank MOSAIC English Language Centres and all school staff. Especially the teachers, Hussain has always encouraged me when I was in Level Two, and Sabina had provided good advice and information on what I needed in my life. She was always helping. This allowed me to talk to everyone. I learned a lot of things at MOSAIC. Now I can do everything by myself. I can visit the family doctor. I can shop and I can make phone calls without a translator. Therefore, I thank MOSAIC for all of it!" ~Methal Al-Saegh, Level 3 student

“I am very happy at MOSAIC because I have learned a lot of English and the teachers are very friendly. I love MOSAIC. Thank you. “ ~Claudia, Level 3 student

“When I started MOSAIC, I felt good. I like my classes and teachers at MOSAIC…I learn helpful English I use a lot, everywhere.” ~Almaz, Level 3 student

“I think it is good to learn some daily English… The teacher always encourages us to speak and listen to English. We will do better in future.” ~Quan Lin, Level 3 student

“I think MOSAIC is a very nice school for immigrants. We can learn lots of things about Canada life in our classes. At MOSAIC I learned lots of useful English. I’m very thankful for this school.” ~Lisa, Level 3 student

“I studied at MOSAIC about two years. I think MOSAIC is a good ESL school because they have many experienced teachers – they are very patient and friendly. Their programs are good for new immigrants. I can learn a lot about Canada. I like MOSAIC.” ~Jane, Level 1 to 3 student

Program Information
Funding Source: 

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MOSAIC believes in providing support to clients while receiving services. Please visit our dedicated client subsection that provides information on

  • Client Rights and Responsibilities,
  • Opportunity to tell your story,
  • Client satisfaction survey, and
  • Complaints procedures...by clicking here.