“When I came to Canada, I didn’t know any English. Now I have a job and I’m able to communicate with other people, thanks to MOSAIC.”

CARF Canada seal

Festival MOSAIC 2015 Artists

Over 200 guests enjoyed the evening and celebrated with us the diverse cultures which make up the rich fabric of Canadian society! For its 6th year, Festival MOSAIC returned to tthe Roundhouse’s beautiful Exhibition Hall. The hall was buzzing with the celebration of diversity and inclusion through artistic presentations, the set up was very refreshing and open. People were mingling and interacting through the big open hall. The food was delicious. Over $73,000 were raised, which will be helping MOSAIC deliver programs and services that empower newcomers to succeed and achieve their goals.


The musical group SweetPan is all about Canadians playing the steel drum, 'pan', the only acoustic musical invention of the 20th century, and clearly a major Caribbean contribution to world culture. They specialize in Caribbean rhythms on the many different sizes of drum and have played for dances, weddings, corporate events, community events and interactive concerts since 1994. Their leader and arranger, Bernard Fernandes, draws on his vast repertoire and experience of the Caribbean to lend both an innovative and authentic touch.

Nahuali Folklore Society

Traditional Mexican Dance Nahualli Folklore Society

The name Nahualli (Na-Wall-e) originates from an indigenous language of Mexico called Nahuatl (Nah-Walt). It signifies an animal spirit or a transforming power that protects and guides each person from the moment of birth. They feel this transforming power on stage as they represent Mexico for us.

Y Belly Dance – Interactive Dance

Y Belly Dance – Interactive Dance

“Y Belly Dance” is a group of women who come together from all walks of life to share in the passion of bellydance, they study with Leona Bellydance to learn choreography and to have fun and entertain.

Shiamak Indo Jazz – Interactive Dance

Shiamak Indo Jazz

Singer, choreographer, performing artist Shiamak Davar is known as the “Guru of Dance” in India. He is largely responsible for modernizing India’s dance scene especially in the film and theatre industry. With the motto Have Feet. Will Dance™,  Shiamak Davar International is the world’s biggest dance academy enriching the lives of over a million dance enthusiasts across India, Canada, Australia, the UAE and the UK. Spreading the joy of dance to ages four to eighty four, his faculty teaches his original dance styles including Shiamak Style (Contemporary), Shiamak’s Bollywood Jazz™, Shabop (Hip Hop & Street Funk) and Shiamak’s Yoga – Inner Dance Movement amongst many others.

Atelier Grandi Fashion Show

Like an intriguing, exotic flower, the breath-taking landscapes of the Scottish Highlands are deceptively calm. Steeped in ancient legends, and rich but turbulent cultural history, the mystique of Scotland is the making of both incredible romance and dark heroism. Can one ever truly relish the treasures within the hills and glens, until standing among them, dwarfed by their majesty, taunted by whispers of their hidden stories?

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