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MOSAIC Intercultural Competency Training

What is Intercultural Competency Training? 

  • Grow your cultural IQ so that you feel more confident working with people from different cultures in Canada
  • Learn about some key cultural differences between how you and other people do things.
  • Learn about cross-cultural competence and develop strategies to interact more successfully with others and achieve your goals.

MOSAIC is offering Intercultural Competency Training in the following areas:

Why is there a need for Intercultural Competency?

Intercultural competence helps us cultivate genuine respect for others.

It grows our desire to give fair opportunity and voice to those we see as different from ourselves.

Intercultural competence contributes to our success in further developing harmonious, pluralistic and equitable organizations and societies.

How credible is Intercultural Competency Training?

Studies have shown that with training, we are able to shift some of our set patterns of thinking.

Retraining how we think can help develop our cultural IQ to interpret and manage difference in more neutral and intelligent ways. Developing our cultural IQ helps us achieve better relationships and more effective results in our daily interactions.

Global corporations have been conducting IC trainings: through building intercultural awareness, they help diverse employee workforces interact more effectively. Such trainings also help to nurture value for diverse perspectives and maximize the value that diverse approaches can offer.

What will it do for you?

MOSAIC’s Intercultural Competency Training will orient you to some of the current IC research and tools, and will help you develop strategies to confidently navigate difference. It will help you get the best out of the relationships, talents and abilities around you.

What is the value of IC?

None of us live alone or in spaces where all people look, speak, think or feel the same as us.

Differences exist on many levels including cultural and personal.

We meet these differences constantly in the course of our days – at work, at school, in community centers, shopping malls – in any of our many shared public spaces.

Often these differences get in the way of open and positive interactions without us even being aware of their impact.

Intercultural Competence training helps to explain behaviours that might otherwise appear inexplicable, unfamiliar and even disturbing.

The value of Intercultural Competence is that it brings acknowledgement and awareness to the differences that exist between people in a diverse society.

It provides us with information to explain why these differences exist and helps us to develop personal strategies to move forward when confronted with difference.

Once we have the keys to interpret the interactions around us, we are better able to move away from reactive judgements.

We can start to make decisions based on an understanding of difference and find more constructive ways forward.

We might even find benefit from the potential richness that a different approach can offer.

Taslim Damji, MA, IPC

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To know more about the range of Intercultural Competency trainings offered by MOSAIC, please contact mowo@mosaicbc.com


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