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Quality Control and Project Revisions

MOSAIC is committed to meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers.

To that end, and to ensure that we are providing consistent and high quality service, MOSAIC employs the following quantitative and qualitative audits to identify problems and to suggest avenues of continuous improvement:

  • Relationship feedback to assess overall satisfaction with the services provided over the course of time. 
  • Satisfaction surveys to assess a client/customer’s recent experience with MOSAIC and its services. These surveys explore the satisfaction of end users with the services provided by MOSAIC. They also provide information re customers' needs, concerns and perceptions of service and, as such, are useful for service improvements. These surveys are available online.

Delivery of New Projects

We have developed the following steps to ensure strict quality control of any project:

  1. Original text previewed, specialized technology researched
  2. First draft of translation done by a professional translator
  3. First draft edited/proofed by you, or, if requested, by a second party assigned by us
  4. Editorial comments reviewed, appropriate changes incorporated

If we are handling the final production (formatting and layout) of the translated document, an additional post production proofing step of the layout is included.

Revisions of Old Projects

We will try to accommodate requests for revision or updating of materials produced in the past. We are, however, limited by changes in technology, software and personnel.