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Step-by-Step Interpretation Process

The step-by-step process may be altered to suit the unique needs of each of our clients:

  1. You call us and relate the language, date, time, duration and location of the appointment you require an interpreter for, as well as the name and title of the attending professional (e.g. doctor, lawyer, financial or social worker, etc.)
  2. We assess the details of the proposed interpretation appointment and provide you with our rate over the phone.
  3. You book the interpreter for the appointment in question.
  4. We draft a contract and fax it to you.
  5. You sign the contract and return it to us.
  6. On the given date and time, a professional interpreter attends the appointment you booked. The interpreter will ensure that the attending professional signs a confirmation of interpretation services form at the end of the session.
  7. We process the information in the confirmation of interpretation services form and issue an invoice for you.
  8. You receive the invoice, which indicates terms of payment.