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Step-by-Step Translation Process

The following step-by-step process may be altered to suit the unique needs of each of our clients:

  1. If you are budgeting for a project: gather all materials, establish output needs and indicate languages.
  2. We produce a free-of-charge non-binding estimate within one business day.
  3. For actual projects: provide the finalized version(s) of the original document(s) by e-mail or fax, indicating your language, timeline and output needs.
  4. We produce a free-of-charge binding estimate within one business day.
  5. You approve the estimate by e-mail or by faxing back to us the estimate with your signature.
  6. If you are a new client, an account is created after you provide us with the pertinent information of your Visa or Mastercard to which the first invoice will be charged at the time of delivery of the project.
  7. A project manager processes the project details according to the agreed-upon specs.
  8. We deliver a proof in PDF format, if required, in which case the following steps follow.
  9. You proof the translation and send us comments, changes or approval.
  10. We implement your requested changes and/or start a dialogue with you if we notice any problems/discrepancies.
  11. We deliver the final product.