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What We Do in Translation

MOSAIC Translation Services can translate any document from:

English ---> target language
Source language ---> English
Working with You

Translation is a collaborative process; to ensure a quality product that
meets your expectations, your input is required throughout:  
  • Tell us the purpose of the translation, origin of the source text, etc.
  • Provide us with key contacts to help clear up questions/discrepancies quickly.
  • Remember: we may need to reach key contacts after business hours for rush jobs.
  • Schedule ample time for translation, formatting and other services; the benchmark for translation is 1,500 English words per day. Rush jobs mean higher costs; planning ahead keeps costs down.
  • Have the first draft of the translation proofread before the final copy is produced. Good translation combines the talents of a translator and a proofreader.
  • Let us know if you want the final document returned in standard text or with special formatting.
  • Give us feedback to help improve future collaborations.