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Information for Newcomers: Legal Information, Taxes and Social Support

Meet a Settlement Worker

MOSAIC settlement workers have supported thousands of newcomers in identifying their needs and making a plan for settling in the Lower Mainland. You can talk to your settlement worker about any of the topics on this page, or attend a workshop. Our services are free for permanent residents and live-in caregivers.
Our settlement workers speak English and one or more of the following languages:
Français فارسی Kinyarwa كوردى Kiswahili
عربي Filipino Kirundi Русский Türkçe
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Legal Information, Taxes and Social Support

Legal information

Canada's many areas of law include:

  • employment standards;
  • human-rights discrimination; and
  • tenant landlord rights/responsibilities.

You can consult multilingual resources or attend a workshop to gain a better understanding of your legal rights and responsibilities in Canada.


Taxes fund government services, including health care other social benefits. When you go shopping or eat at a restaurant, you will be charged tax automatically. If you are employed, your employer will often deduct tax directly from your pay. Everyone who earns income must file an annual tax return. Even if you do not have income, it is a good idea to file tax returns — you may get a tax refund.

The deadline for filing a tax return each year is April 30. Many Canadians hire accountants or buy software to complete their tax returns. There are also tax clinics available for low-income individuals and families.

MOSAIC offers a free tax clinic in March and April of each year for low-income permanent residents, as well as free tax-information workshops for newcomers of all income levels.

Social support

Support is available for people on low income. For example, premium assistance helps to partially cover MSP premiums for low-income families and employment insurance (EI) assists eligible job seekers. Other benefits, like tax credits, are offered to families with young children. The application for some benefits is part of the tax return.

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