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Information for Newcomers: Community Connections and Citizenship

Meet a Settlement Worker

MOSAIC settlement workers have supported thousands of newcomers in identifying their needs and making a plan for settling in the Lower Mainland. You can talk to your settlement worker about any of the topics on this page, or attend a workshop. Our services are free for permanent residents and live-in caregivers.
Our settlement workers speak English and one or more of the following languages:
Français فارسی Kinyarwa كوردى Kiswahili
عربي Filipino Kirundi Русский Türkçe
中文 日本語 한국어 Español Việt Ngữ

Community Connections & Citizenship

Community connections

You can get to know your community better! Many libraries and community centres offer free and/or low-cost activities. Volunteering is a big part of Canadian culture; in fact, many high schools require volunteer hours for graduation. By volunteering, you get a chance to give back to your community, build Canadian experience and meet new people.

Ask your Settlement Worker if there are newcomer field trips group activities to visit important community sites and cultural festivals.

Civic responsibilities

Canadian citizens have the right to vote in elections. As such, it’s important to learn about Canada's political system and get to know the representatives in your area. MOSAIC settlement workers offer workshops on these topics, often with support in a variety of languages.

Citizenship application
  1. Permanent residents must meet the eligibility criteria, including residence language requirements, in order to apply for citizenship.
  2. Once your application is accepted, there is an exam to test your understanding of Canada.
  3. Upon successful completion of the citizenship process, you will have to participate in a citizenship ceremony, during which you will take the citizenship oath.

Contact CIC or speak to your settlement worker for the most current application requirements. 

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