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Our work with refugees

Refugee support. Playing a leading role.

You can help refugees by donating to MOSAIC’s refugee settlement support campaign. To donate, please call 604 254 9626. For further information, email dsandhu@mosaicbc.com.


MOSAIC has played a leading role for Syrian refugee re-settlement in Metro Vancouver.

Even before the federal government announced that Canada would welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees, MOSAIC had announced its preparedness to provide support for 1,000 displaced persons. In the 8 months following that announcement, MOSAIC has worked with almost 1800 refugees, with close to 500 identified as Syrian.

Since the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011, MOSAIC has worked closely with the Syrian community, acting as a focal point for information and support. We have supported the establishment of the Syrian Community Network, which includes 18 leaders and activists, to provide support to Syrian refugees and their families.

Supporting Communities

Important work with this community includes assisting Syrian families and refugees already living in Metro Vancouver with their efforts to sponsor and thereby reunite with family members who are still in refugee camps.  To date, we have matched 34 family files with private sponsors, but we have an additional 786 refugees on our list, waiting to be matched with private sponsors.

In 2016, we are averaging approximately two presentations per week to private sponsorship groups, faith groups and the public about supporting refugees and sponsorships.  Major sponsorship groups and support organizations we are collaborating with include: United Church of Canada, Beit Shalom Synagogue, Humanity for Syria, Canadian Lutheran World Relief, Mennonite Central Committee, BC Muslim Association, Islamic Society of BC, and the Muslim Food Bank.

Leading Metro Vancouver’s Refugee Response Team

In recognition of our impactful work with refugees, and our extensive outreach and long-standing relationships with community agencies and resource groups, the Province of British Columbia awarded the Refugee Response Team contract for Metro Vancouver to MOSAIC.  Since spring 2016, the organization has been coordinating and facilitating activities and communications between the health, education, employment and language training sectors, and community groups which will be assisting with refugee re-settlement in the Metro Vancouver area.

On-going Support and Special Projects

  • MOSAIC has hired additional staff to assist with the re-settlement of the Syrians, and now has Arabic-speaking staff at all locations within Metro Vancouver, including our  new location in Surrey.
  • We are partnering with the BC Alliance for Manufacturing to provide a training and employment program that results in employment opportunities for 40 refugees.
  • MOSAIC is working directly with employers to hire Syrian refugees  and with refugees to help them find jobs
  • MOSAIC has begun establishing a refugee family program that takes a holistic approach to settling entire families.  This program is already hosting conversation circles for men and women to improve English- language skills and learn about Canadian culture, while providing child-minding for young children.  Information workshops, youth group activities, and one-on-one needs assessments will soon be added to this program.
  • In addition to the initiatives listed above, MOSAIC will continue to work with other immigrant serving organizations in B.C., health authorities, the relevant federal and provincial ministries, legal professionals, municipalities and community hubs to coordinate our collective efforts.
  • MOSAIC remains committed to continuing to assist refugees with translation and interpretation, and filling out of applications and forms. 

We welcome offers of assistance and donations from individuals and groups.

For other resources please visit ’How can you help refugees in Vancouver?’

MOSAIC’s Existing Programs for Refugees

Delivering a wide array of programs and services for newcomers, MOSAIC is proud of its long-established expertise in working with refugees, and operates multiple programs and services for this cohort. In addition to one-on-one case-managed settlement and employment support, the organization’s Moving Ahead Program works intensively with refugee youth and adults who require extensive settlement assistance, while the Burnaby-based Welcome Centre for Newcomer Families is dedicated to providing parenting support for refugee families.  The federally- funded “Moving Ahead Program” is based on the MOSAIC-operated pilot “Step Ahead Program,” which was cited as a “Best Practice” by the  former Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and which agencies across Canada may now adopt and use.

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The Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has released a video in 2013 for newcomers detailing what they can expect, and how to get settlement information and assistance after landing in Canada.

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