“My change is in all aspects: better communication with my children, be a better mom... It is truly possible to make changes.”

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I Belong

To best serve LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) immigrant newcomers, I Belong aims to support LGBTQ immigrant newcomers by seeking to address the intersectionality between sexuality, gender, race, cultural diversity, class, criminalization and colonialism.


One-to-One Community Connections

Newcomer participants will be matched with a volunteer mentor who is established and integrated in Metro Vancouver. Together, mentor and mentee can attend group activities or meet up on their own time to chat, practice English, explore the community, etc. If interested, contact Karen at culture@mosaicbc.com for more information.

Advisory Committee

The committee is made up of community members, community groups and settlement organizations. The committee meets quarterly to guide and support the I Belong Project for its implementation of sustainable and best practices to better serve LGBTQ newcomers.

Artwork was used throughout the pilot to generate discussions and ideas Participants were mentored on video skills so they have the tools to tell their stories March 21 Community March Against Racism

Pilot Phase (October 2014–April 2015)

I Belong began in October 2014 as a six-month Burnaby and New Westminster pilot project funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Incorporating research surveys, a community dialogue, support groups and one-on-one community connections. Altogether, the Project aimed to acknowledge, learn and plant seeds to build capacity to address the experiences and challenges LGBTQ newcomers face at a personal, community and structural level.

An Advisory Committee was also formed in collaboration with sexual-minority newcomers, service providers, community organizers and settlement organizations to draw out recommendations on how sexual minority newcomers may overcome challenges faced at a personal, community, institutional and governmental level. The Committee also aims to support LGBTQ immigrant newcomers in building capacity on decision-making and community development.

Community Dialogue Report


Download a copy of the report here.

In a January 26, 2015 forum, over 80 participants from the LGBTQ community, service providers and community organizers came together to discuss the strengths, gaps, barriers and challenges of LGBTQ newcomers in the Lower Mainland.

Findings of the of the dialogue were collated into a Report, which outlines eighteen recommendations, providing more tools on how to make our communities more inclusive and how to best support LGBTQ newcomers. At the Community Dialogue, 80 people gathered to connect, listen, and exchange knowledge on how to work towards the improvement of the quality of life of LGBTQ newcomers. We recognize we needed more time and we only got to start scratching the surface on the issues. However, we were able to collect al lot of the data and created this report for community members and organizers, service providers, organizations and institutions. We hope this information is useful. Feel free to share it with others.

Over one month, Araphat Katongole and Alex Winter, participants of I Belong were mentored by Joella Cabalu, members from the LGBTQ newcomer community, have been working in collaboration with mentor Joella Cabalu in producing a two-minute video based on one of the recommendations of the dialogue.


I Belong in the Media

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Awards & Nominations

2015 British Columbia Multicultural Awards Nominee

The Awards recognize individuals, organizations and businesses whose exceptional work helps bring our diverse cultures together.

2015 AMSSA Riasat Ali Khan Diversity Award

The annual Riasat Ali Khan Award, created in 2005 in honour of an AMSSA former President recognizes an AMSSA member for their innovative programming.


Our City of Colours
Increasing the visibility of and addressing issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people in a variety of linguistic and cultural communities.
info@ourcityofcolours.com, www.ourcityofcolours.com

SASC Sexual Assault Support Centre
Free and confidential support for women, men and trans survivors of sexual assault.
Phone: 604 827 5180

Transgender Health Information Program
Phone: 604 734 1514
transhealth@vch.ca, www.transhealth.vch.ca

Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre
B.C.’s information source for children, youth and families.
Phone: 604 875 2084

Saige Community Food Bank
A transgender and gender-variant safe space open to all. Food bank where no ID, proof of housing or income is needed at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, 2425 Oxford Street, Vancouver.

Prism is Vancouver Coastal Health’s education, information and referral program for the LGBTQ2S (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer and two spirit) communities, providing workshops and training for service providers, community members, students and service users on inclusion, diversity and promoting health and wellness for the LGBTQ2S communities.
Phone: 604 685 1214
prism@vch.ca, www.vch.ca/prism, www.prismcop.ning.com

Human Rights for Trans People in BC
Barbara Findlay Q.C. provides educational material that supports trans people in navigating the process of filing a human rights complaint in B.C. Check out "A booklet in the Out/Law series."

QMUNITY is BC’s queer resource centre – the hub for the lesbian, gay, trans*, bi and queer community program, training and advocacy.

Health Initiative for Men (HIM)
HIM is community-based organization dedicated to strengthening the health and well-being of gay men.

The Crisis Centre
The Crisis Centre provides emotional support to youth, adults and seniors in distress. As a safe place to turn when there seems to be no hope. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 604 872 3311

Rainbow Refugee Canada
Rainbow Refugee Committee (RRC) is a Vancouver based community group that supports and advocates with people seeking refugee protection because of persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status

Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion
In & Out: Diverging Perspectives on LGBTQ Inclusion in the Workplace

Program Information
Contact Info: 

Darae Lee,
Manager, MOSAIC Settlement and Family Services
Phone: 604-254-9626,
Email: dlee@mosaicbc.com

Karen George,
Culture Connections Social Mentoring Facilitator, MOSAIC Settlement and Family Services
Phone: 604-254-9626,
Email: kgeorge@mosaicbc.com

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