Workplace Connections Mentoring Program

Our Workplace Mentor Volunteers can help you move your career to Canada! 

If you are an internationally trained professional looking for work in Canada, you will benefit from participating in MOSAIC’s Workplace Connections Mentoring Program.

The program offers opportunities to meet with Career Mentors. Mentors are professionals with years of local work experience. They have volunteered to help you move your career to Canada. These volunteers will work with you to:
  • develop the soft skills needed to succeed in a Canadian workplace, 
  • build professional networks, 
  • improve your professional English, Facebook logo
  • practice self-marketing techniques, and 
  • identify potential employers.

Where possible, we will match you with a Career Mentor in your field for three months. Newcomers and their mentors usually meet once a week for two hours, at a time and place that is suited to both of you.

You might also meet with one of our Career Mentors for an individual Information Session.

Career Mentors also host evening discussions about particular fields. There you can meet with a Career Mentor and others in your profession. 

You may also join our "Working Sessions" for an opportunity to meet  more Career Mentors, network and learn from them. Topics include: The Art of Networking, Preparing for Interview Questions, Using LinkedIn and Workplace Culture.

You may join the program if you are a Permanent Resident, have at least LINC Level 5, are eligible to work in Canada, have a clear employment goal, and are actively seeking work. Please complete the online application form if you are interested in participating in this program.

Client Story: 

See Ana's story of how Workplace Connections has helped her build a career in Canada on by clicking here.

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For more information, please email

In Vancouver, please contact Paola Quiros: 604.254.9626 x 295

In Burnaby, please contact: Hanna Lee:  604.438.8214 x 106

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