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Immigrant Youth on Radio

Free radio training for immigrant and refugee youth

The Immigrant Youth on Radio Project supports one youth intern position per year to receive radio training with partnering radio stations, such as Ray Cam Community Radio and REDFM. Youth interns learn radio programming and broadcasting skills like show planning, storytelling, hosting and tech skills in recording, editing, proper mic use, and use of audio board. Youth also gain skills in equipment use of FM transmitter, DJ mix station, and playing CD’s & vinyl records. By the end of the training, youth have completed their own show proposals as well as edited samples of their shows.

Who can participate?

Immigrant, refugee, newcomer youth aged 16 to 24.
No previous radio experience nessecery!


Josephine Niyobuhungiro at Ray Cam Community Radio. To listen to her radio clip, scroll down to 'Download Information' in this page

Client Story: 

Josephine’s Experience in Radio
By Josephine Niyobuhungiro

My first experience with radios was when I volunteered with the Society of Children and Youth in BC to create a radio commercial about youth and children's rights. We first had a week training about rights and why they are important in our society. Ever since I was a child, all I wanted to do was help people. So I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to let other youths know that they aren't alone in their struggles. Giving awareness about issues is important to me and it can make a big impact in a lot of people lives (letting them know they aren't alone and that there are people who support them).

I then went on to making live radio shows with Robert Gilson at the Ray-Cam Community Center. After doing that, I started "the world according to me" where i create five mini documentaries about issues that matter to me. These include girls rights, animal rights, child soldiers, racism and bullying.

At around the age of nine, i joined the African Stages. The African Stages is an organization about a group of youths who perform in schools, community centers and other events to create awareness about racism and bullying through dance, songs and acting. In the beginning we were only creating awareness about racism until we realized how many of the youths were currently being bullied in school. When i was eleven years old, i had my first experience with bullying. I was always angry with myself and i tried to figure out what i might have done wrong to be treated the way i was. I never understood why some girls in my class wanted to pick on me. But at the African stages, I learned how i can help myself if i was being bullied and how i can support and help those who were also being bullied. I also learned about bullies and why they do what they do. Which is why i take the topic of bullying seriously; i've been through it and I always felt alone. But I want everyone to know that there are other people who have gone through what you have and that there people who support you and want to help you.

If you would like to know more about my work please visit http://raycamradio.webs.com/

Program Information
Contact Info: 

For further information please contact: 604-254-9626
Email: youthradio@mosaicbc.com

Funding Source: 

MOSAIC, through the generous support of Brookes Forbes Legacy fund, was able to continue our collaboration with Ray Cam Community Radio in 2014.  Please have a listen to three thought-provoking pieces created by youth in 2014.  

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