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There is No Honour in Violence Against Women

As a part of MOSAIC’s Preventing and Reducing Violence Against Women and Girls in the Name of “Honour” project, a media event was held today to launch awareness materials. This 2-year project has been funded by the Status of Women Canada to explore the gaps and needs in service delivery for women and girls who may be experiencing or are at risk of violence committed against them in the name of ‘honour.’

Kathy Corrigan, MLA - Burnaby Deer Lake and Eyob Naizghi, MOSAIC's Executive Director

Audience members of the launch, including Kathy Corrigan, MLA – Burnaby Deer Lake, learned about this community based project which engaged with women, men and youth from South Asian and Middle Eastern communities. Throughout the project, one key message which was heard is that “there is no honour in killing someone or abusing someone; it is violence against women.” The term ‘honour based violence’ is a problematic label which is misleading and puts potential victims at risk. It further stigmatizes certain cultural and religious groups making it difficult for women to access support. 

In response to the feedback from the project participants, key service providers and the project steering committee, a multi-agency strategy was identified and includes the development of a training module along with awareness materials to deconstruct the concept of “honour based violence, promote awareness on the issue and redirect the focus back to being simply violence against women.

Today’s media event launched the awareness materials which include a video Public Service Announcement, Poster, Informational Placard and a Website. The PSA will be promoted and aired by OMNI and SHAW Multicultural Channel.  Translink will advertise the Placards in the interior of buses on routes for Vancouver, Burnaby and North Vancouver.

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