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For Managers of Volunteers

Looking for enthusiastic, talented and dedicated volunteers? Consider recruiting new immigrants.

Each year, thousands of immigrants arrive in our fair city. They come with dreams of building new lives for themselves and their families, of being active in a new community. And most often with they come with great enthusiasm.

The task of settling is no small feat – there is a lot to learn, and many adaptations to make. Most immigrant take up the task with energy and perseverance - determined to carve out a good life for their families.

Abundant in numbers, well motivated, and highly skilled – new immigrants can make a great addition to your volunteer force. In fact, recruiting immigrants may be especially beneficial to volunteer programs serving culturally diverse populations.
The Canadian brand of volunteerism is very unique and may seem very strange to some immigrants. Here, formal volunteering is encouraged as an act of good citizenry.  But in many cultures volunteering is practiced privately as part of one’s faith, or is embedded in the life of a community. In some places, volunteering is regarded as a low status activity.
As their understanding of volunteerism in Canada grows, many newcomers welcome the opportunity to contribute and actively seek out volunteer opportunities. As well as giving back, immigrants hope to practice speaking English, to meet new people, to learn about Canadian workplaces, or improve their cultural fluency.
There are a number of excellent resources to guide you in making your current volunteer programs culturally welcoming. MOSAIC’s Volunteer Resources are happy to work with you to successfully engage new immigrant volunteers.
See below to download our extensive guide: Capturing the Talents of Newcomer Volunteers

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